Thursday, 3rd

Hello and welcome to my new new new blog!

I have created a wondrous playground via WordPress that consists of pages containing art work past and present, a little information about myself as an artist as well as a means to contact me. Have a look around and don’t hesitate to tell me if it needs a little tweaking (unlike the rest of my family, I am not techno-friendly).

Anyway, my art work page will include pieces of a finer edge (excluding perhaps the portfolio page) whereas I shall bung together all the junk I do here in this handy space. Art is not just the magnificent works you see in galleries, it is the torn up scribbles on scrap paper that get tossed into sketchbooks, buried in cupboards under the stairs. We can savour those wonderful seeds here…

Painting for me is very personal. Some artists can paint without the process touching on any emotion, any memory, or any real significant thought. Almost mechanical. In no way is this any lesser a way of painting that involving your emotion, its just an individual’s reaction. Unfortunately this is not me. I strive to pull something out from deep within me, driven by innate sensations and thoughts opposed to finalised compositions. At times I wonder what the hell I am doing. Right now, it is looking at orchids.

Initially the course of my MA was struck by swans, capturing a sense of freedom and the concept of being ‘un-stuck’. Purity, grace, beauty, a divine aesthetic. I cannot manifest all these ideas into a swan! It is a pompous bird. Rather, I am going to slow down and process things one step at a time.  I have chosen orchids as they have a similar aesthetic to swans (only are a static form) and I need just one concept to get this ball rolling. The course began in September but with balancing Art History and practice, my work effort has been minimal. This is all a deja vu as I have written all this a million times before.

So, I am going to leave this here.

The next post will include up to date works and lots more new information. Promise. And hopefully I won’t delete everything again and again.


Orchid Study

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