Tuesday, 8th

This mornings tutorial did not consist of too much art work discussion, primarily because I have been focusing my attention on a commission over the past couple of days, but I can see a great path for where my studies are headed.

For mothers day, my mother, mom, received a pinky-purple orchid from….I am assuming one of my sisters. Although I am working with a reduced palette, I did not see the harm in having a bit of fun drawing this particular flower, from photographs. Although my mom suggested using some pastels on a black ground, to which I did. I only had oil pastels to my disposal so I just went with what I’d got.

I truly admire artists like Degas, and I feel that at times we can become so absorbed with one media that we forget to branch out to new things. I haven’t ever really used oil pastels before in any tremendous detail anyway, so this was a fun experience. A little more hands on.

Oil Pastel Orchid, A4 oil pastel on black card

I am excited to show you my commission piece once it is finished, as it will be nothing like anything I have ever done before! But I am also excited to carry on with my other flower pieces, these are completely new to me as well.

Now to give a bit of attention to my forever needy puggy.

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  1. Tony Cleary says:

    It is really nice to see that you are experimenting and the beauty of this picture as with all pictures that paint from living things is they now last a lot longer than the subject being painted, (these flower were chosen by your brother Alex 🙂 )

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