Sunday, 13th

Growing pains.

These are an uncomfortable sensation that we all experience at some point in our lives,  some more than others. I am only a little 5 foot 3 lady who had the same blazer throughout secondary school so my physical growth was not that extreme in comparison to others, but how about our emotional growth? Do we ever stop growing in an emotional sense?

I don’t know whether we notice it in the same way we notice our physical growth,  but our emotional capabilities vastly increase as we grow up, generally. We learn to love, learn to hate, learn to repress emotions, and learn to control them. I don’t believe that our emotional capability will ever stop growing. My emotional state of mind when I started my degree is completely polar to its state now (before university I would rarely cry and had a hard shell, now I’m like a crying squishy slug). For what reason?

I’m not sure.

I think I am going through a transitional barrier. It is good to feel something! This is something I feel coming through with my work. Working on a smaller scale has led for my work to feel more private, secretive. Ironic as I am uploading it onto the Internet but hey. Almost as though I am speaking through whispers in a language where I only know the basics.

Black study 2, acrylic on stretched paper, 14 x 14cm
Black study 3, acrylic on stretched paper, 14 x 14cm

Anywayyyyyy, enough of that.

Today I have been suffering from a lack of sleep so have literally eaten my body weight in bourbon biscuits and started a little painting for my own work. Separate to my degree or commission work, so I cannot wait to see how this goes.

Speaking of commissions, here is the one I have been keeping top secret for a while. Originally I was meant to have completed this by the end of 2015, but due to how different it was for me, I really struggled with getting it right. I have really focused and pushed myself, with a hand of Tom’s giving me a helpful nudge too – and it is finished!

Sports are not my thing, but rugby is a big part of my partners life, and it seems it is a theme that runs in his family. I have always wanted to try and do something like this for Tom, but have never had the courage or time really. This here was a very important game at the time so I am told, so will mean a lot to the person whom it is gifted towards. It is totally different for me, but in the end I really enjoyed working on it.

A Saturday Afternoon –

Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 70cm

One Comment Add yours

  1. Jo Cleary says:

    You have captured the action in the picture perfectly, and the colours blend well together. Well done Sarah, keep smiling and be happy. xx

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