Friday, 18th

The best feeling is when you have a surprise day off because you forget when you randomly book holiday, yesterday was that day. I decided to be really focused and determined on doing some art work, shame that it wasn’t all relevant…

I switched between working on my own piece and my smaller ones for university, to which I had finished two more.

White Study 2, acrylic on stretched paper, 14 x 14cm
White Study 3, acrylic on stretched paper, 14 x 14cm

These are going to be a part of a series of 9, I only have two more to go and then I will actually feel as though I am accomplishing something within this portfolio module. There still remains to be a lot that I wish to explore, I am so pleased I have a year to construct my first exhibition. I hope to use 100x more determination than what I have done so far for the course. I feel as though having settled into my new job, and my partner into his, and working out a good routine between us has definitely helped. Also, the fact Pablo is a little more mature means I have a little more separation from him!

Not a morning person

I will show you a glimpse of my personal painting, although there is a looooong way to go yet.

Work in progress, acrylic on canvas, 50 x 50cm

I am never so keen on showing unfinished work because, well, it is unfinished. And a big old mess currently!

So, this is a painting entirely from memory of my mommas 4 budgies (the white one is no longer with us but I am one of four so it’s staying). I am always pondering creating something that is half way between figurative and abstraction, and I feel that birds are an excellent subject matter for this. Their movements are too fast for us to truly appreciate them being static.  They are fluid creatures. I am trying to look at using the colours from each within each other bird, and creating a sense of unity. My siblings and I don’t talk often but I do genuinely think of each of them every single day. We aren’t really the ‘best of friends’ but I feel as though we all have a special connection.

It is nice to work on  something for yourself I think. Separate. It has no time scale either so I don’t need to rush it or ever really finish it… but hopefully I will.

And I did this as a little fun… for my older sister as she has asked for something like this for a long long time. It is just a sketch and I think I will probably redraw a neater version when I get chance because the feet are a little messy.

Pin-up Piggy, pen on paper, A5

The obsession that Charlotte has with Miss Piggy is unreal. But hey, this counts as drawing practice….right!?!

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