Saturday, 2nd

A blog post every single day for April wow I am impressed with myself. I can’t see this carrying on for very long truthfully. Its always best to start things with good intentions though.

So this past week has been struck with some bad news. The mind, to me, is the most powerful tool we possess. It has the potential to create all things wonderful, to cure all things evil, to do anything. But our minds also, can be filled with so much sadness and terror. Sometimes I feel as though I trap my mind in a little bubble. I try to banish out all the darker, sad thoughts and harness a little happiness farm. For others I know their mind is quite the opposite and it must feel as though they are trapped in their mind bubbles. All that is in there is darkness.

At the beginning of the module I began looking mostly at birds and faces. The concept of humans and wings, angels. Having the ability to fly away. I am not religious so I don’t necessarily believe in a heaven but I do believe that we all have a space that would give us the same sort of warmth and security. Cherubs are little creatures that can be found in neo-classic and angels in some religious paintings, but cherubs are also things my mom is very fond of, and so has dotted around my old home.  These little people are gifted with wings, a chance for freedom. If only we could all have this opportunity.

Here is a little sketch of a cherub statue I have here;

Self Reliance, pen on mount board, 13.5 x 13.5cm

I have also been carrying on with my smaller wooden studies, as Tom was so kind as to take Pablo out to the fields with a friend so I could have a day to myself to work.

Study 3, acrylic on board, 14cm diameter

This piece was looking at localising colour, specifically blue within the palette. I had used ultramarine and umber to create greys to help accustom the blue within the piece so it would be interesting to see how this works – or doesn’t – with a colour such a red. The colours in this reminded me of a feather painting I did at the beginning of the module;

Bundle of Feathers, poor photographed I apologise

Only this was completed with oils on canvas. I decided I’d like another try at doing this with acrylics;

Study 4, feathers again, acrylic on board, 14cm diameter

The colours are far more saturated because A. The lighting is better and B. The opaque nature of acrylic paint in comparison to the way oils can be layered is distinctive. It was a little more difficult to do the smaller study as well as I felt a little confined for space. Even so,  this was quite fun to do. I quite like the linear dimensions of the feathers within a circular frame.

Now I believe I have consumed way too much caffeine for the day and so should probably clear away and try to avert my blood levels back to normal.

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