Sunday, 3rd

I realise the day is far from being over yet but it’s getting fairly dark, ish, meaning I’ll have to pack up the paints for now. I have tried painting with mediocre lighting and in the morning the colours look nothing like what I thought. So really,  I am being super efficient.

I have done two more little studies today on black grounds.

Study 5, Feathers on Black, acrylic paint on board, 14cm diameter
Study 6, Falling Geometry, acrylic on board, 14cm diameter

I am not sure why I am not finding one good surface for lighting and photographing all the studies in the same place but oh well. This is just my blog so not the be all. So the first is similar to the one I created yesterday,  only on a black ground. When I tried this on a canvas it did not go so well, but I feel as though there is potential here for it. Again it’s a little confined for space, but room for development.

The second, Study 6, I wanted to expand the palette to that similar to the feather paintings. Also, I drew up some shapes within the circle,  within each other and used this as a loose guideline to work around. I feel as though I can’t make a final judgement on any study until I can compare them all to one another.

I took a little break after to play with pooch, who is 6 months old today!! So happy half birthday to the little rascal. Looking handsome if I do say so myself.

Pugnacious Pablo, 6 months old

Enough of that. Anyone would think I am obsessed…

So remember my little personal work I began? I have gesso’d over that in preparation for something else because I hit a massive brick wall that was telling me I am just going wrong. Instead I have started another piece over a different failed painting, (an attempt at the rugby piece that did not get very far). Ta dah!!

Work in progress, acrylic on canvas, 50 x 70cm

So I used to be quite obsessed with flamingos, in a sense. I was transfixed by their aesthetic and the variation of tones within the feathers.  So I thought I’d rekindle an old flame and see where this takes me. At the moment it is just a case of laying down the block colour and shape but I don’t want to say where it’s going, I just want the painting to take me there as I go.

I love having little vision for things sometimes, it gives your work the chance to surprise you.

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