Friday, 8th

I have been a little tied up with something special but now that’s finished I can get back to it.

My 7th study has an ultramarine Violet ground (one of my favourite colors) because I am a little bored of such an enclosed palette.

Study 7, Cadbury, acrylic on board, 14cm diameter

I named it Cadbury because the colours reminded me of the chocolate. Painting what is on my mind…..I joke. I enjoyed working on this one so much and even though it’s not the strongest in terms of final image, I can see myself carrying on with this deep purple ground.  It just gives the painting something else, a further dimension. I also like the way the ground pushes through which I have difficulty with using lighter tones.

Study 8 is a little less delicious,

Study 8, Cubist Squares, acrylic on board, 14cm diameter

and reminded me a little of Braque’s cubist paintings. This has a buff titanium ground and squares drawn within squares as an underlying structure. This is incredibly difficult to work within on such a small scale. I used a little plastic nibbed ‘pusher’ to create linear divisions within the circle.  I don’t like this study as much but applying the paint thicker than usual was fun.

The final two studies have been prepped with a black and cadmium orange grounds (feeling Halloween-y).

I really wanted to just paint without thought today, so I carried on with my flamingo piece. I drew the initial birds from photographs on the Internet, and I did intend to refer back to them, but I couldn’t really be bothered. I just wanted to make it up. Whilst using educated guesses. Hehe. Its a relief paint without objectives or things to aspire to. To just do it.

I find as well that an artist shouldn’t take themselves, or their work too seriously. If it’s a mistake, who cares? Just paint over it. It felt good to paint from memory and to not be too concerned with being 100% accurate. That’s what we have fantastic cameras for.

Outlet (unfinished), acrylic on canvas, 50 x 70cm

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  1. Jo Cleary says:

    Curious to find out what you have been tied up with what was so special – couldn’t be Pablo by any chance? How is the young fellow, is he feeling better and back to normal?

    I totally agree with the “Cadbury” exhibit it reminds me of the same and the flamingos are coming on a treat.

    Hope you and Tom are happy and well and by the way there is a “U” in colours (English).

    Love Mom xx

    1. Pablo is doing fantastic – has not even noticed that anything is different! Same little gnasher.

      Thank you! Devices usually automate your typing to American text so it’s a pain when I am not paying total attention.


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