Sunday, 10th

Sundays are my favourite day of the week by far. Usually Sunday is the day I totally dedicate to work so that I am prepared for the following week.

I finished off my studies and my Outlet painting – yay. I have just tried to sit down to do some drawing but my eyes are a little tired so I can do this another time.


Funeral Flowers

So I have got a little bored of the muted palette, I miss using all my colours! So in this one I used some crimson and cerulean blue which felt soooooo nice and relaxing to do. I think I saw a black (or very wilted) rose on the ground so that inspired me to create this. I am not 100% sure if we can genetically modify a flower to produce black petals, but I think that would be a lovely thought. The flowers could represent sincerity and an unmistakable truth.


ย Sunshine Flowers

Well we have to go out with a bang. This was sort of just a release of all the colours I have longed to use but have restricted myself from. This was the cadmium orange ground, if you could not tell! I think this one speaks for itself. A sister for the study before.

Outlet is my personal work that is titled so, because I have this innate desire to paint animals and this is not necessarily relevant within my degree practice. I am drawn to flamingos because I think Dudley Zoo used to have flamingos right at the beginning of the enclosures. They were sort of the appetiser for the eye, enticing you to look round. I could be wrong and thinking of a different zoo entirely but I’m almost certain it was that way in Dudley when I was younger.

(WordPress has an error with the images I apologise if they have all lost their captions now!)

Outlet, acrylic painting on canvas, 50 x 70cm


The colours reflect on my final study, what a coincidence.

In some ways the work is still relevant to what I am looking at, a feathered motion and the way in which they all blur together (there are 4 flamingos to clarify – my partner could only count three) to create an ambiguous form. Semi-abstract although slightly more biased to the figurative range in the spectrum. I don’t think my tutor will agrer with me though….

I have put this piece up for sale, available from my shop which will link you through to my Etsy shop. I don’t expect to sell the piece really but if you don’t put it out there you never will! I have also ordered for 7 limited edition giclee prints (with a little certificate of authenticity) which I cannot wait to see and sign.ย  These will be available at a greatly reduced price in comparison to the original for obvious reasons. I shall let you know when these become available for sale.

Now I think it’s time for an evening of relaxing and food.


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