Tuesday, 12th

Being told to do what you like is a backhanded token of approval. Sort of – “do what you like but don’t say I didn’t warn you”. This is how it feels sometimes, but in a way if the same idea is persisting and won’t go away quietly, or any time soon, then perhaps it is time to tackle that idea.

My tutorial allowed for me to come to a happy conclusion  with the little circle studies,  (pizzas, black pudding slices, salami, whatever you want to call them) realising this is definitely not where I want my exhibition to be headed. The grey feather piece;

Study 4 - Feathers Again

was probably the ‘happiest’ (I believe it is always fairly obvious to tell when I am content,  or not with the work I have produced). The feathers are important. Who knows why. But so are the swans.

Here is a better photo of my grey feather painting completed at the beginning of the module!!

Bundle of Feathers, oil on canvas, 50 x 50cm

This is becoming one of my favourites I have produced to date. I’m not sure why it isn’t really even finished but I just think it creates a good sense of aura about it.

Anyway. I have ordered a very expensive amount of rounded canvases for me to fully push my feather/swan idea to the best of my capabilities before the assessment comes around. I am really excited about this and believe I could be headed in a direction that I have been too nervous to go before.

In the meantime I have repainted (for probably the 10th time) over the budgie piece with black and then now a lighter toned ground to play around with an idea until I can get to work on my circles.

Work in progress, acrylic on canvas, 50 x 50cm

This is probably just over an hours worth of work on here, but I am really hoping to push and pull colours within the painting in order to lose the structure of the swans, but still keep its essence.

It amazes me what we find to be an influence. And what really sticks in our minds. I think at times we possess a sort of semantic connection  with objects that possibly carries over from a thought deep within our subconscious. I don’t know why but I am obsessed with the swan, it’s aesthetic, its essence of purity and royalty. I am going to try and find out why.

Here is a little something I also find inspiring, and very beautiful. My new ring,


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