Wednesday, 20th

So pretty much came home from work and painted solidly, like a woman possessed (or simply obsessed).  I am going to try and maintain a balance between figurative and abstract, so just wanted to try concealing the swans face within the feathers, but without putting as much detail into the feathers. I wanted to keep them loose and ambiguous.

Conceal, acrylic on canvas, 20 x 16"

The palette was exclusively black, white, yellow ochre and ultramarine blue. Personally, I prefer the way the feathers are painted here in comparison to my latest piece, Silence; as

Silence, acrylic on canvas, 60cm diameter

I just feel as though the simplicity in Conceal causes for the eye to do more work. I think Silence is missing an edge of depth or something to give it that point of focus or draw your eye within it, I’m not sure.

Here is a cropped version of Conceal in a slimmed down way. This is all coming out quite quickly but I know that I have been repressing a lot of these ideas so I can see my momentum hitting a normal uphill climb soon.

Conceal, crop

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