Wednesday, 4th: Masquerade

It seems that when deadlines are around the corner, I tend to struggle with my work ethic more so than any other time. I have been working on a couple of paintings without much considerate production, and I am massively falling behind with other aspects of the course. The last minute adrenaline needs to hit me before the deadline does.

Anyway, enough of what can’t be done, and a little celebration for what I have done.  My website has gone for a little re-vamp (the extensive palettes aren’t so relevant within my current work – nor the statement “inject a little colour in your grey-esque screens”.) My palettes have been exclusively grey. Hopefully I will have more available in the shop department too as the semester draws to a close. Watch this space!

So, as I missed working with colour a little (a lot) I played around with working on a sienna ground and incorporating warmer tones within the feathers, in a more abstract sense. Inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe’s Black Iris;

Black Iris

and the way O’Keeffe has defined this painting to be a ‘black’ flower when in actuality there is a multitude of tones. I wanted to try this with the ‘white’ swan feathers.

Masquerade: work in progress
Masquerade (White Feathers), acrylic on canvas, 20" x 16"

I am not convinced this is exactly what I wanted, although it’s a step towards it. I can see the portfolio assessment coming to no absolute resolution, but I am really at ease with that, I have enjoyed this opportunity to experiment.

Masquerade (White Feathers) crop

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