Tuesday, 10th: Grey Petals & Tainted

It’s always the way that when you have the time off to paint, you produce rubbish, but when you have very limited or rushed time, you produce masterpieces. Today was an off day (in both senses of the word) allowing for me to try an attempt at an idea I have been contemplating.

I’ll show you the work of yesterday, first. I started a ground & some layering, finding myself to get very stuck in what I was achieving;

Work in progress

In hindsight I really like this as it was, now. It has a translucency and sense of movement about it. Anyway,  I continued to work into it, in a very familiar style.

Grey Petals, acrylic on canvas, 60cm diameter

I’m not sure if I am seeing my work in a very negative light, or if I’m correct in saying, this piece is not my strongest. Elements of it, I am very pleased with, for example some of the layering and a sense of getting lost. I feel a little tired? of this technique.

Anyway, on to today (which wasn’t much better). A couple obstacles and chores needed tackling primarily.

Artist's best friend

On to the painting.

Work in progress

Again, I much prefer this painting at this stage in comparison to its completion.

Tainted, acrylic on canvas, 41 x 51cm diameter

Personally, this is my least favourite painting I have produced concerning feathers. I think subconsciously I can feel the semester draw to a close, so my working mind has gone into a premature shut down. I’m disappointed because I think these paintings had a lot of potential in their grounding, and I have ruined them.

Oh well, I can learn from the mistakes within them. I think I owe my painting hand a little rest anyway!

Although I can feel myself getting excited to prepare for the exhibition…….I have got my notebook at the ready.

New Chapter

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