Wednesday, 11th: Portfolio Text

       Soooooo, tomorrow is the assessment day!! Here is the text I will be using to supplement my portfolio work.

      The course of the MA Portfolio module, for me, was the best opportunity to experiment within my practice, opening myself up to new concepts and mediums. However, I over-indulged. Initially I wanted to widen the emotional capacity I used within my painting as I had formally focused upon solely positive emotions; I wanted to be able to tackle the darker aspects of my mind. This led to visions of working on dark grounds towards a lighter foreground. Simultaneously, I hoped to explore painting in oils opposed to acrylics, as well contemplating the subject matter of feathers, swans, orchids and angels.

       This led to a stand still within my work. I was experiencing the artist’s equivalent to a writer’s block.

       Being very aware I had taken on too much at once, I began to restrict myself. I reverted back to acrylic paint  (and had to buy a bout of new brushes as a result), and limited my palette down to white, ochre and umber. I focused primarily on the orchid flower, and produced a series of corresponding studies. Although I was not sure what direction to take my work in, I knew a small step in any direction was better than none. The pieces I produced at this stage were described to have an air of “melancholy” about them; a fair representation of an emotional barrier I believe I was breaking through.

       The ball was beginning to roll and I could feel my confidence lift again. Both colours and feathers began to creep back within my paintings, so it was decided I would get these feathers out of my system. An infatuation with the swan began to grow, so the final stages of this portfolio have been an exploration of this bird. The oxymoronic presence of the magnificent swan with the delicacy of its feathers felt at parallel with personal issues of purity/vulnerability and empowerment. I have been struggling to capture these thoughts in the correct manner, although I am very determined to continue to push my work towards a resolution.

       I do not know whether this resolution will be the composition of my exhibition, or merely a milestone on the way there,  but I hope to develop myself with competence both as an artist,  and emotionally. 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jo Cleary says:

    My thoughts are with you, love mom xx

  2. Tony Cleary says:

    To see someone blossom makes a parent proud

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