Friday, 20th: Cherry Blossom progress

I aways tell myself just will allow for a lie in on Fridays, but that never seems to happen. It isn’t so bad though, at least I can get in some painting before work.

The feedback from my assessment stated I should consider to be more abstract in my approach as this will give a more interesting outcome.  Which I agree with. I was trying to be too controlled and I lost what I love the most about painting,  it’s freedom.

Saying that, I have wanted to do a painting of the cherry blossoms on the tree by my house since they bloomed. Now it’s like a pink confetti bomb exploded in my garden. I took some photographs before they dissipated. I prepared my board (an old painting is abolished); and started early this morning.

Cherry Blossom progress 1
Cherry Blossom progress 2
Cherry Blossom progress 3
Cherry Blossom progress 4
Cherry Blossom progress 5

There’s lots of progression shots but I wanted to see how I could apply the paint quickly,  to keep intact some of the blue ground under the acrylic. There is a long way to go on this yet, but I am contemplating the idea of doing a double series for my exhibition module. A set of floral paintings (for observation, palette and shapes) as well as a set abstract paintings, fed from  what I learn from these floral studies. A sense of control and freedom.  I have the time to do both it will just take the commitment.

Another idea I like is doing a little painting/study everyday, on some stretched paper. I will have to put some dedication into this but it would be interesting to see a series of 300+ little images as a means of progression for the year.

Lots of ideas. Lots of time.

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  1. Jo Cleary says:

    Sarah, Cherry Blossom promises to be an exquisite floral piece of perfection captured through the sheer intensity of colour and finesse. To change the subject is there any chance that you could come home for Alex’s 16th on or around 21st-22nd July? He comes back off holiday on Friday 22nd. Take care and so proud of you on your achievements. Mom xx

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