Sunday, 22nd: Blossoms and Roses

Cherry Blossom progress 6
Cherry Blossom progress 7
Cherry Blossom, acrylic on board, 60 x 60cm

I have loved painting Cherry Blossom,  I love the flowers and their short stay. Aspects of this painting I wish I had done differently (a paler ground and stem, as well as maybe a little green in there) but I felt that it was finished at this stage. It’s very figurative,  I may attempt another floral piece with a little looser description.

Today I spent a little time on a tattoo design for someone, a little obsessed with roses, but wanted to combine other aspects in there too;

Rose the Lion, pencil drawing, A4

As a leo, I love love love lions so really enjoyed doing this. I have left it so there is space and potential to add more into the piece, should the lady wish.  Let’s hope this gets put on some skin, soon!

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