Thursday, 26th: Rosey Beginnings

It has been an entire year since I have lived in this house (with Tom of course) so I treated us to some flowers;

Morrisons' Finest

They are really for me……Hehe.

I was on a scout for some white flowers, but there was little selection really. There was a little bunch of white tulips but they looked even more diminished than the roses. I picked up these and a potted Begonia, but I am going to tackle the roses first as they have a much shorter life span (in theory).

A couple drawings;

White Rose study
Bouquet Study

I sort of gave up with the first drawing. I really am not the type to labour over a sketch so I don’t know why I bother trying to. The second drawing better describes my style; a faster pace.

On to the painting side. I have another board 60 x 60cm like the one Cherry Blossom was painted on, so I have sanded and reprimed it ready for the roses.  Truthfully I don’t really love roses as a flower, but I am interested in the multitudes of folds and petals that make up their ‘faces’.

Rose, work in progress 1
Rose, work in progress 2
Rose, work in progress 3
Rose, work in progress 4

My aims of this piece are;
•    avoid too much pink (even though the roses are pink I’m going to use my artistic license) I am really not a pinky person
•    capture a glow within the white roses
•    work with glazes to create an interesting imposition
•    be a little less controlled

So at the minute it’s a little awol but hopefully it will come together soon. Here is a little picture of my working space. I can see the potential of the painting from it sitting on the easel, but I don’t always know what direction it is going in. Exciting. Hopefully I will continue the flower series on a slightly smaller scale  (when I can be bothered to stretch some paper).

In Situ

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