Saturday, 28th: Brave or Stupid

Not a particularly good morning;

Work in Progress 5

Decided I didn’t really want to bother focusing on the red/pink roses anymore;

Wilting Rose study, watercolour pencil on paper, A4

Bye bye roses;

Brave or Stupid (6)
Work in Progress 7

Looking promising but it’s all pretty much been downhill from there.

Work in Progress 8
Work in Progress 9

It kind of feels as though I have smothered the painting and it’s all too much too soon, without really giving it chance to breathe and adjust. I am hoping if I just leave it to one side for tomorrow, then I can revive it. Or not and it can just be scrapped.

Started a little on the abstract accompaniment;

Work in Progress (abstract) 1

It’s kind of sickly sweet at the moment but that’s my own personal connotations of roses. This is very early stages, I am hoping to bring out glazes of creamy whites to show what my main interest in this bouquet has been. I might try and work on this a little more before I have to go to work, but a part of me is telling me to just put the brush down and call it a day.

Work in Progress (abstract) 1

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