Tuesday, 31st: Pink Roses and Alstroemeria

I love Tuesdays. To make it better, it is an absolute beaut of a day.

It’s a shame the sun makes me so tired, or else I would happily paint outside. Also, the last time I tried to do this, Pablo got stung by a wasp. (I know – been on the planet 21 years and I have never been stung, he’s here 5 minutes and already upsets a little wasp). So we had a cosy afternoon in;

Sunshine Sleeper

I carried on a little with my abstract rose painting the other day, I just forgot to upload the images, and also managed to finish it off today;

Pink Roses (in progress) 3
Pink Roses (in progress) 4
Pink Roses (in progress) 5
Pink Roses, acrylic on canvas, 41 x 51cm diameter

I really am not a pink person, but with the incorporation of orange and the whites, I quite like this outcome.  I originally wanted to pull the whites out to become more focal, but as the bouquet was mostly pinks, I thought that would be unrepresentational. So instead, we have the Pink Roses !

Today, I went out and bought a bouquet of white roses. They aren’t completely opened up yet (how I want to paint them), so I thought I’d start with another bouquet I bought, the Alstroemerias;


I opted for reds instead of pink flowers.

So, even though my rose representational painting went awfully –  I gesso’d over my stupid mistake of starting again, but the roses had wilted away so quickly I couldn’t go back to paint them – I am still going to attempt an observational work of each bouquet.

Ta Dah!

Alstroemeria painterly scribble

I jest..

Alstro. in progress 1
Alstro. in progress 2
Alstro. in progress 3
Alstro. in progress 4
Alstro. in progress 5

This is on a little 30 x 30cm deep edge canvas, which is really quite small in comparison to what I’m used to. I really wanted to finish this piece today but I am a bit tired now (don’t judge) so I will leave it here. I shall carry on with it maybe after work tomorrow.

I have really quite struggled with this so far, I dislike green so I think doing these will help me confront this issue, to which I may be able to carry it into its abstracted paintings. What would be nice as well, would be to use these representational works as a sort of  catalogue to refer back to in a few months. Re-evaluate and pull out different aspects of the flower that I may not have seen before. 

The abstracted version of this is going to be really interesting to paint, I want to try and get the petals shapes and their speckled markings involved.

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