Friday, 12th: Catch Up

It has been a while since I have posted on here, mainly due to being in sale/holiday/birthday mode. Firstly, working the Next sale took up more time and energy than I would have liked, although it wasn’t all bad as I was able to reflect on my earlier piece, Untitled #2, which I don’t usually do. I have a growing sense of confidence and assurance in my work, that I did not have before.  I am happy to a say that I am an abstract painter, and although my work is not to everyone’s taste, it is about personal expression. So, in a selfish way, my paintings are about me. But if I am not going to paint about me, then who will? (Sarcastic truths present in this text).

Holiday mode consisted of seeing family and friends from home,  and spending some time with Tom (doing boring adult chores for the most part but being able to actually relax together too was fantastic). My brother had reached his sweet 16th, so I painted him this;

Prosperity, acrylic on canvas, 40 x 80cm

The stag to represent masculinity and manhood – a stage in your life that involves a lot more growing up than you think, whilst reflecting upon himself. At the time my brother said it was his favourite gift; sweet talker. (Although I think I’m now his favourite sibling).

After this,  there was a little break in the workload, but I did not stop thinking about it. After my holiday I have not so secretly been counting down to my birthday so my mind hasn’t been in the place to paint, until the past couple of days really.

#8, acrylic on stretched paper, 19 x 19cm

This stretched paper piece was started about a month ago with just the pink ground and some random blue markings on, hence the pink border. I saw some pearlescent white flowers with yellow, pink and blue accents to the petals, I’d like to painting something like this soon. Perhaps on the next study.

Untitled #3, acrylic on canvas, 60cm diameter

Can you ever really use too many colours?



I really enjoyed this piece, and used a method of automatic responses to colours on the canvas without too much thought involved. Initially the painting was becoming quite blue, like the last one, but now it’s sort of purple/blue. I haven’t named it yet, but once I have started doing some writing about the pieces individually,  I think a name will become apparent.

Pablo seems to like it;

Pablo and Painting

Hopefully, after my birthday has passed this weekend, I will be able to focus a little more on my paintings, and start to really develop these pieces.

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