Friday, 9th: Hello, its me

WELL HELLO it has been a while it certainly has. It almost seems as though I have abandoned my website slightly over the past couple of months, including my blog. Time to wipe the dust (quite literally) off my laptop and tidy up a little.

It makes me laugh that as an artist, and I am sure fellow artists will agree with me, that when it seems as though we are slacking production, we have to apologise for ourselves. “Oh – sorry I have painted much this week/fortnight/month/summer”, and there’s an overriding sense of guilt that takes place and who knows why!? 

No more.

I have not done as much work as I would probably have liked, to the point where as I am looking through old photographs, I can’t even remember what I have titled the pieces. So – I am going to assume that those are not that important, and just get on to the good stuff.

From Untitled 3, I seemed to have used every single colour I possibly owned, so instead decided to look at reducing my colour palette to around 2/3 colours, and white. Here is a study completed with this in mind;



#9, acrylic on stretched paper, 16 x 16cm


As I am looking at the contrast between dark and light, I thought, ‘Hey, why not go black?’. Black is not a colour as such, but more so a tone. So is white. I decided to create a painting that constitutes itself around the colour black.

Result –


Boundaries, acrylic on canvas, 60cm diameter


The photograph of this one has washed most of the white out to look like a faded blue – it is not a totally accurate photo. This, to me, has worked quite successfully. The black doesn’t create ‘holes’ as such in the painting, and it creates a good ambiance. I tried to stick with only a blue and yellow colour as well to try not to go over exploring. An idea I have contemplated is to do automated writings of my work, which I had tried one briefly with this painting;

feeling you in the dark

What is important?

To be true
to be real
you are divided
Two halves of one whole

Do not let it consume

There are limitations
yet to be found

‘Boundaries’ hence its title. It is kind of just blabbering to be honest without any real thought or attention paid. I would like to sit with my paintings (when I have enough to call a set really) and just think and let them speak to me. Hopefully then the writings will be more substantial and purposeful.

Boundaries (detail)

The next painting, (is truly dreadful), was one I used the colours, crimson, ochre and turquoise and white for. I wanted to keep the palette short and sweet, which kind of just flopped.

Sweetpea, acrylic on canvas, 41 x 51cm diameter


This accompaniment;


A memory
close to a fairy
gentle and dear

Unalike to any force
the shadows deep
but are not resolute.

What makes you frail
makes you strong

Melody of three.

Possibly my least favourite painting of the semester. It has made me realise I do not wish to reduce my palette. If I am able to work and harmonise 30 colours, I think I should see that as a positive, not try to refine it for the sake of doing so.

This is it really for the moment … I shall be posting tomorrow with some surprises and hopefully a little more information on my future plans, but right now I have to get ready for work (yay).

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