Monday, 12th: Pups and Plants

A couple pieces I have been working on as of late;

Pablo, acrylic on canvas, 50 x 50cm

My little pooch, Pablo. This little guy is very special to me, and I am so pleased I have managed to at least slightly capture a resemblance to him. The past week, I will admit, he has been playing up like crazy – to the point where I have barely painted anything because he insists on chewing all my painting equipment (easel, little trolley I have of paints, brushes,  my feet etc) not to mention my poor furniture. He is 11 months old at the moment, and I will probably do another painting of him in a few years time, we shall see if he has changed any, in appearance or behaviour.

The other piece I have been working on, I really struggled with  (thanks to the mutt previously mentioned) – to the point where I was working across two paintings, the first one obviously flopped;

Farewell Lillies, acrylic on canvas, 30cm diameter

Initially, the painting was done on a black ground and I wanted white lillies coming through with lots of colours for the tones. Unfortunately the contrast was too drastic and I couldn’t focus my attention enough to make it work.  Instead I went for blue (a colour I am favouring lately) with whites and purples to create a balance of tone. This is for a lovely lady leaving work who has told me in the past the importance of lillies to her. I find it so intriguing what flowers we associate symbolic meanings to. Lillies are usually attributed to the Madonna, and are related with themes of purity and grace. I find them to be very feminine, and potent. A powerful flower.

Part of me wants to create some watercolour studies of bouquets, as I am intending to practice with watercolour again at some point. I can then hopefully apply these techniques to my acrylic painting.

My Pablo original painting is for sale  (I don’t need it – I have the real thing) as are limited edition prints, a series of 10. You can click on the links in this paragraph,  or head over to the ‘Shop’ section of my website. I would really appreciate the interest. I think Farewell Lillies would make a lovely little print too, I just do not have the funds (or permission) available right now.

Hopefully I shall have a few abstract pieces put together by the end of the week, or at least some studies to consider developing.




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