Tuesday, 27th: Conflictions




I am not sure if I am actually distinguishing a difference between these words as of late. Initially, my colours pull themselves together in a complimentary format – but then again can create high contrasts. Lately it seems as though my work is a confliction to itself.

My last tutorial (around 3 weeks ago) left me thinking about working with a white palette again, focusing on simplicity and muted tones. I then go home with a craving to paint black.  It also seems that I am forever wishing to paint, but a day I get chance to, that feeling fades.  It’s as though I am hitting brick wall after brick wall.

Here is all I have really managed to muster over the past few weeks. Not conceptualised in any great depth or anything, merely existing.

Untitled #4, acrylic on canvas, 30cm diameter
Untitled #5, acrylic on canvas, 30cm diameter
– work in progress – acrylic on canvas, 60cm diameter

Untitled #4 was one I struggled greatly with, and truthfully have not looked at it since it was painted  (and I hated it). Now, in retrospect, it has grown on me. As #5 has pushed itself off of my good list. Conflictions. The last is a work in progress, hopefully this will grow into something more self-assured; I feel this needs to reflect in myself as well first.

A written diary has been an attempt to keep my thoughts in some sort of line of direction. These paintings are meant to inscribe emotions but I don’t know how to portray how I am feeling.

Here I am just hoping it will fall into the right direction.

To end: a little charcoal study of an angel figurine I did today to break up my thoughts;


Charcoal Cherub, charcoal on paper, A4



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