Saturday, 1st: Monkeying Around

I don’t know if it is just laziness or excuses,  but I believe if you put too much effort into something, you can ruin it. Over work, over emphasise, over think. So I find doing commission work a great release and break from university work,  although it can be argued that I could have progressed so much more in my abstract painting if that was my sole focus.

I have also been told to never put all my eggs in the same basket.

Hmm, no wonder my mind is a confliction to itself.

Anyway,  for a long long while now a friend has asked for a this particular painting – two monkeys, a tree house (for their first home) and a tire swing, in relation to the partner’s job. Thrilled at being asked,  but not wanting to rush it, I spent a lot of time “thinking”.

Here is the result;

Eight of December, acrylic on deep edged canvas, 40 x 50cm


The overall concept is a little more illustration than painting, but I’m pleased with the turn out. I took my time and didn’t rush into any aspect so it took a little longer to create opposed to some other commissions. I have never painted monkeys before so this was exciting, nor really ever looked in depth at any sort of tyre.

This painting was finished with a gloss varnish which is something I hope to continue with in the future to preserve the colour within the paintings.

I have one other big big commission I am slowly working on but hope to finish over the next couple of weeks,  other than that,  it’s all about the exhibition module.

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