15.02.2017: Work and Rework

Hello angels.

I keep having urges to write things down I am doing, but it never transcribes to my website! So, here I am, typing it in now! I think I shall give the old page a little spring awakening too over the next couple weeks. It needs an update.

It would be really great to say I have been busy busy these past few weeks, but truthfully I have been a little lazy. Doing any degree scheme alongside working,  part time or otherwise is extremely difficult. Not only have you got to balance your time well  (work as little as possible to earn just enough in my case) but also you have to learn to shut your mind off from the day job to concentrate on your own work. When your course is 98% self-motivated too it can be a bit tricky, especially when my little companion Pablo is misbehaving!

Over the Christmas period I worked more than my usual, and worked on commissions too, so didn’t really dedicate that much time to my exhibition work. Meaning I wasn’t really looking at what I was doing. When I took in my two new pieces to the studio, and compared them to an earlier work, I felt my heart sink. They weren’t the same.

Not that I want my work to look the same, it just needs to be of a consistent standard and have running ties.

Back to the drawing board.

It’s great to be given the opportunity to repair something you have done off the mark, but at the same time it requires 100 times more effort. Haven’t I just finished this?! The answer, no, shut up! I haven’t been breaking up the colours in the same way as my others, to create my ‘all over’ compositions.  I lay on sporadic notions of colour across the canvases, to which I will try to blend and work on more tomorrow  (damn these short days).


Working in progress


As well as this, I have started a little something separate I have wanted to look at for a fair time. Raven feathers.  Black feathers reflect an array of colours, so I want to attempt to capture these;


More work in progress


I began the birds as blue, then roughly painted in their black and white tones, to which I will work up and into with more colours. I want to keep this piece fairly loose and abstracted. I’m not sure why I’m even so interested in doing it, it’s just played on my mind for a while now.

I shall keep posting when I can to capture at least my images online, if not my thoughts.

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