08.03.2017: Tiny Aspects

I have recently found myself at a standstill. My work has suffered; the outcome is knotted and overworked. I think I am anxious for the show in May and getting enough done by then, but there is no use in worrying, it will get done or it won’t. Worrying won’t contribute to any good, only hindrance. So! I have bought in some small (15cm diameter) canvases to sort of decrumple my mind. Any ideas or thoughts can go on here without spoiling anything larger – they are easier to throw in the bin too;


Essence One 


Quite fun to work on really! I’m trying to make it look as though it’s a crop of something larger,  although I don’t know if I am just making mini versions of my other pieces.  I have got to get to grips with the tiny scale!

The painting behind is a failed piece that I have washed out with a grey paint & I am trying to salvage. Trying!!! I have kept the paint watery and duller than my usual saturation, keeping the image of flowers caught in the rain in mind.


Work in progress 


Out of focus and create a soft sharpness; advice from my tutor (or words to that effect). It’s a little unnerving doing something off the mark to what you’re used to, but how else are we meant to develop and grow? My initial fear was the painting will look too dull, now I’m concerned at how to finish it. It must not be ready to be completed, I guess!

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