18.05.2017: Hanging

(Not that kind of hanging).

It’s exhibition time! Which means that we are approaching the end of the second semester (of 3) being the longest term of my life – lasting 12 months. Deep down I am filled with excitement & happiness to be having my work on show in a public sphere, but the lack of decent sleep and constant worry is making it all a bit difficult to appreciate.

As a post-grad painter (being straightforward in my work and not adventuring into filming or installation) means I had a nice easy wall space in the galleries where the School of Art usually curate their exhibitions. Painted grey already, meaning I didn’t need to worry about having to paint the space, which took up at least two days this time two years ago.

Due to working, I missed the meeting whereby we could choose our location in the gallery but I could not be happier! At first I was unsure how much space was actually mine & a lot lot nervous when I only had two large scale pieces finished, but, just like most things in life, it’s all worked out.


Piano island 


As you walk towards the gallery you can see the first big piece, Seventeen, through the glass doors, above the piano. Next to my pieces are some really intricate  black and white photography works and interesting prints, so it’s a good contrast within the space.

The blank walls you initially have to face can be a bit daunting, and measuring them out for the work is just a pain in the neck (or hands in my case), but once all the awkward screwing and lifting is done, it really feels good. Even if my triceps don’t.

I have taken some photographs of the pieces individually, but will put them up after the show has been publicised.

One thing I have done for this show, that I haven’t done before is left a book for people to write their thoughts. There is nothing on the walls to indicate what the work is about, and you’ll only be able to see by reading a catalogue for my statement. I just think it would be really really interesting to find out what other people can see within the works. So far, people have said it’s like waking up from a dream, the sense of people looking over you, like looking through a kaleidoscope and they feel like old lacquered boxes. I hope the public will share what they think.


In concession


The three main pieces, together. My catalogue statement for this exhibition is;

A dissolution of flowers into melancholic fluidity. These paintings are intended to convey my emotional state of mind. By using palettes comprising of both contrasting and complimentary colours and tones, the works have sought to externalise, reconcile, and redeem my inner conflicts and the shadows of the vulnerable psyche. The paintings are built up through a slow and instinctive overlay of thin glazes and washes. The process reflects the fragility and delicacy of the human heart.

Just as it has to rain in order for flowers to grow, beauty often emerges as the necessary result of suffering.


Nothing left to do now but clean the house for my family visit! Oh, and maybe catch up on sleep.


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