09.06.2017: New Exhibition, New Blood, and New Thoughts

Now it has been a couple of weeks since the Exhibition One module, I can finally feel it coming out of my system, the tension and stress that builds up with the workload and the hanging. I think an outsider will never really appreciate how much work has gone into something like that; its not a case of just hanging pictures up on the wall in whatever sequence. Its the hours spent creating the works (and all the preliminary work that comes beforehand, only to sit in the dust as its siblings take all the glory), the days finalising the pieces to hang, thinking of how to cram a year’s worth of sweat and tears into 100 words, the hours editing and considering the ones ‘good enough’ and coherent enough to go into the show….then comes the putting it up. What order? Will anyone really notice? Or care?

I am really lucky – and grateful – that a lady from a gallery based in London, New Blood, has recently got in contact with me to begin selling my work online, as part of a curated space of ’emerging artists’. This is such an exciting prospect. I spent a while checking out the type of work that is for sale on the site, how other artists have done through this site etc, and I’m astounded. Its a great space (not being biased) filled with so much energy and exciting work! I am a big painting fan, and I love seeing paintings done in a whole host of styles and genres. Its just a great place for inspiration and collectors to get pieces of work that can increase in value over the years.

This will be really good to see if I can get my work out of my studio space, and out to art collectors and those interested in my style. I have to say it can be really disheartening in the art business. There’s a lot of people that seem to want art but don’t want to pay for it, or sort of make fun of you for your choice of education, so this has been a real boost for motivation and mood!

Onto the next exhibition….I will try to post semi-regularly about the process of the work, but I won’t actually reveal any of the works until the show. It’d be nice to have a surprise at the end (for those keeping track of my progress from afar – I shall still upload snippets or close up shots, but nothing too revealing). So watch this space! At the moment the work is bridging from the previous exhibition, but I will look at expanding the palette and working more closely with written thoughts as well as visual ones.

As well – although I am not sure how this is going to pan out – I have seen an art competition has arisen in a local gallery, so I am working on something for that too. I’m not going to put too much pressure on the work as there isn’t a great amount of time to do it, but I shall just see how it goes. Its something different (not abstract) but I am trying to incorporate my style into the work simultaneously. So far, its going OK but its early days yet.

I’m trying to take a new attitude to my work, that I am not just studying art, I am an artist, who is studying. Its strange to say even though I have done nothing but paint for what seems like the entity of my working memory, but its about trying to develop a confidence and assurance in my work that is still lacking. I have so much great support and kind words behind me, its just those small horrid voices of doubt that seem to drown out all of that. Time to shut them up.

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