It’s been a very very very very very long time since I have considered posting on here (or even considered WordPress at all besides paying the yearly subscription & having lots of lovely e-mails of plenty new followers), so I would like to welcome all those of you who have somehow found me!

Since finishing my degree in September, I allowed myself to take a break from work, which I felt was necessary. I had been so focused and so concentrated for such a long period of time my brain was completely frazzled but at the same time very pleased and relieved. It seems this vacation has extended longer than initially intended so it’s time to get back into things with a little self motivation.

I have had so many thoughts and ideas for new projects, I just haven’t got round to starting anything. Something I have been keen to do is townscapes of my local Aberystwyth and surrounding areas. I see a lot of beautiful work by local artists inspired by their home towns, and I wanted to have a go at creating something very similar, but not so picturesque. I took some photographs to work from but sort of lost the rolling ball on this so I’d need to go back out there to try and recapture the energy.

These shots are out of season, but I liked something different about each. Look at the almost cadmium yellow on the last!! For those of you who have never visited Aberystwyth before, it has a special bubble effect. It is it’s own microscopic world which has the effect of keeping you in it’s clutches.

This for my next project, I’m not sure. I will play around with.

It’s really quite shameful that I haven’t got anything to share. I am looking at pulling together a portfolio of drawings to present to the local tattoo artist to see if they will train me in the trade, but that’s slow going also.

I have several tattoos, and contrary to my parent’s opinions (and many others out there I am sure); I can think of nothing better than carrying art work on your skin forever. Suggestions for this are most welcome.

My one true love, however is painting. My brushes have been kept away for too long and before May is over I want to have put something tangible down in paint. I keep saying to myself it doesn’t need to be amazing it just needs to be something, but in secret I want it to be good. Honesty is the best policy and it’s a priveledge to have this space to share thoughts and be truthful. I feel I am letting myself down by not allowing myself to paint and express myself the best way I know how.

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