21.05.2018: Exhibition Two Upload

Finally finally finally…. I have got round to uploading my Exhibition Two page on my website! If you want to see all the paintings I produced as part of my final exhibition module, just look here.


Thirty One RS


Looking back at my blog posts (or lack of) I realise that I have not posted a great deal of the final images, so I think it would definitely be worth a look if you have been interested in my painting journey through my time at university.

This final collection of paintings I am very proud of. From May through til September 2017 I worked my socks off, as they say. This module was a continuation from the Exhibition One, so the paintings ran along a consistent theme. I was looking at dealing with difficult and dark emotions that I didn’t really know how to manage or control. I believe that depression creeps its way into the lives of so many of us, and we have only recently began to speak about it more openly. Personally, I have always found it very difficult to talk about how I am feeling, so painting to express the emotion was the only way I could manage it.


Twenty Five RS


You will notice that the pieces are considerably dark, self explanatory. But these dark tones worked wonderfully with the varnishes I applied at the end, creating an almost mirrored, resin/lacquered feel to the pieces.

My palettes also looked at contrasts, a theme I have worked with right from my undergraduate. The varied tones in the palette reflected the transcending moods I could feel within a short space of time. I built up the paintings in ‘real-time’, slowly building up colours, drips with layers of glaze and paint to create something that almost felt living or breathing by the end. (- this probably sounds a bit silly to anyone who hasn’t painted). It was a really wonderful experience to work on these.

I took a lot of my inspiration from flowers, their delicate nature; the way flowers looked in the rain. Its strange talking about it in retrospect as I feel as though there was so much more to it at the time, but now its just certain parts that stick in my mind. It was a peaceful time – (although I’m sure Tom would argue the contrary).

Anyway…! They are up! Please take a look.

I feel slightly lost now that I don’t have so much time to paint. I genuinely miss it more than anything. Drawing isn’t the same as painting, so I have a couple pieces I am going to be working on over the coming weeks. There’s no rush anymore, no deadlines, so as long as I am doing something, it’s better than nothing!


Thirty Eight RS



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