04.07.2017: June’s Work

Have sort of fumbled through June, producing without much direction or guidance whilst trying to establish a momentum. Here are details of the pieces produced (trying to be mysterious but also covering up for the poor, awful ones of the bunch);                  

Sunday, 22nd: Blossoms and Roses

I have loved painting Cherry Blossom,  I love the flowers and their short stay. Aspects of this painting I wish I had done differently (a paler ground and stem, as well as maybe a little green in there) but I felt that it was finished at this stage. It’s very figurative,  I may attempt another…

Tuesday, 10th: Grey Petals & Tainted

It’s always the way that when you have the time off to paint, you produce rubbish, but when you have very limited or rushed time, you produce masterpieces. Today was an off day (in both senses of the word) allowing for me to try an attempt at an idea I have been contemplating. I’ll show…

Wednesday, 20th

So pretty much came home from work and painted solidly, like a woman possessed (or simply obsessed).  I am going to try and maintain a balance between figurative and abstract, so just wanted to try concealing the swans face within the feathers, but without putting as much detail into the feathers. I wanted to keep…

Tuesday, 19th

Here is a little crop that I used an ‘auto adjust’ edit on. I quite like the purple tones this has miraculously found within the painting (maybe room for growth).

Sunday, 17th

Enjoying this so much. Looking at trying to create a softness/luminosity within the feathers.

Friday, 15th

Solidarity, acrylic on canvas, 60cm diameter