Tuesday, 19th

Here is a little crop that I used an ‘auto adjust’ edit on. I quite like the purple tones this has miraculously found within the painting (maybe room for growth).

Sunday, 17th

Enjoying this so much. Looking at trying to create a softness/luminosity within the feathers.

Tuesday, 12th

Being told to do what you like is a backhanded token of approval. Sort of – “do what you like but don’t say I didn’t warn you”. This is how it feels sometimes, but in a way if the same idea is persisting and won’t go away quietly, or any time soon, then perhaps it…

Saturday, 2nd

A blog post every single day for April wow I am impressed with myself. I can’t see this carrying on for very long truthfully. Its always best to start things with good intentions though. So this past week has been struck with some bad news. The mind, to me, is the most powerful tool we…