Saturday, 28th: Brave or Stupid

Not a particularly good morning; Decided I didn’t really want to bother focusing on the red/pink roses anymore; Bye bye roses; Looking promising but it’s all pretty much been downhill from there. It kind of feels as though I have smothered the painting and it’s all too much too soon, without really giving it chance…

Tuesday, 10th: Grey Petals & Tainted

It’s always the way that when you have the time off to paint, you produce rubbish, but when you have very limited or rushed time, you produce masterpieces. Today was an off day (in both senses of the word) allowing for me to try an attempt at an idea I have been contemplating. I’ll show…

Friday, 29th

Today’s work in progress. I have spent a couple days on this piece and it continues to change each time I work on it. (Sorry for the poor photo the weather is shocking today).

Sunday, 17th

Enjoying this so much. Looking at trying to create a softness/luminosity within the feathers.

Sunday, 20th

A few pieces from today. I have finished my 9 little studies now so I began to experiment with how they could work together within a grid format. It is just a case of mounting these squares together in a format that provides the best outcome. I also had the great urge to start a…