“I would like to paint the way a bird sings.” –  C. Monet


I am an abstract painter studying MA Fine Art at Aberystwyth University, originating from the West Midlands. Throughout the course of my undergraduate degree, I have learnt to open up as an artist by exploring the potential to be found in both colour and abstraction. I have imposed semantic values to colours and utilised my instinctive mark making as a process of externalising inner thoughts and concepts. The translucent properties of acrylic paint and glazing mediums allow for a complexity of layers to be created within a painting in a similar fashion to the complex layers that create us as individuals; human beings, both mentally and physically.

I look to nature for inspiration, primarily flowers, and inject the very essence of this into my abstract painting. I do not wish to capture what we see, only the emotion that can be evoked from these objects in a metaphoric dialogue. Painting is a very personal experience for me that is fundamentally driven by my emotions, both positive and negative. Although my work is open for interpretation by viewers such as yourself, each piece has its own unique story to tell.

During the course of my MA Portfolio, I have pushed my boundaries of experimenting with a reduced palette of predominately whites, exploring the potential to be had within this tone. Feathers are a subject that embody both vulnerability and empowerment, but were not carried over into my Exhibition 1 module, due to their limitations of expression for me. I hope to be able to embrace my abstracted floral-type paintings in a new manner, reigning in and developing them further. The circle shape is very important in portraying an organic, unedited message. It is merely about the content now.